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HaCi Screenshot - Overview

Welcome to HaCi 0.95

HaCi is an IP Address / Network Administration Tool with IPv6 Support.
It stores its data efficiently in a relational Database and uses a treelike Strukture to illustrate supernets and subnets.
Additional (template) data can be linked to each network.

The Project is hosted on SourceForge.
For downloading HaCi please refer to the Files-Section at the projects Page on SourceForge.

There's a demo available, where you can test the functionality of HaCi: Demo

User: admin
Pass: admin

Project Status

October 31, 2009: The Trac page is up and running. The main goal is to provide information and documentation for HaCi.
August 07, 2008: Sixth Version released.
April 03, 2008: Fifth Version released.
October 09, 2007: Fourth Version released.
September 31, 2007: Third Version released.
November 18, 2006: Second Version released.
November 15, 2006: First Version of HaCi released. It startet with version 0.5, because it ran allready for some time in a productive environment.



For a complete list of local wiki pages, see Index.

Have fun!

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