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Welcome to HaCi 0.98c

HaCi is an IP Address / Network Administration (IPAM) Tool with IPv6 support.
It stores its data efficiently in a relational database and uses a treelike structure to illustrate supernets and subnets.
Additional data can be linked to each network following user defined templates.
The available functionality can easily be extended by plugins.
You can access and modify the data via the GUI or APIs (SOAP, XMLRPC, REST).

The project is hosted on SourceForge.
For downloading HaCi please refer to the Files-Section at the projects page on SourceForge.

There's a demo available, where you can test the functionality of HaCi: Demo

User: admin
Pass: admin

Project Status

March 4, 2015: New version released. (0.98c) [TAG support for networks, Export function, new API-Methods, simple REST-API, ...]
August 29, 2014: New version released. (0.98b) [New API: XMLRPC, locking after deletion, minor enhancements, Bugfixes]
July 23, 2012: New version released. (0.98) [Audit logs, PostgreSQL support]
May 27, 2011: For Debian users: There is now an official Debian-Package available in testing and unstable (many thanks to TANIGUCHI Takaki)
February 24, 2010: New version released. (0.97)
November 01, 2009: Seventh version released. (0.96)
October 31, 2009: The Trac page is up and running. The main goal is to provide information and documentation for HaCi.
August 07, 2008: Sixth version released.
April 03, 2008: Fifth version released.
October 09, 2007: Fourth version released.
September 31, 2007: Third version released.
November 18, 2006: Second version released.
November 15, 2006: First version of HaCi released. It startet with version 0.5, because it ran already for some time in a productive environment.


The documentation is provided in the form of this Wiki. The following chapters will form a guided tour of how to install and use HaCi.

Populating your database
Day to day operations

For a complete list of local wiki pages, see the Index. See also the notes about this documentation.

Have fun!

-- wiki & demo hosted by pop-interactive GmbH

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