<this is a crude guide to upgrade, needs to be expanded/redone>

...make a database dump

  • cd /var/www
  • cp -R HaCi HaCi-backup
  • tar zxvf HaCi_0.961.tar.gz
  • ...check ownership of files (logs and spool must be writable bywww-data or whatever your apache runs as, HaCi.conf musts be readable by www-data)
  • diff -ubr HaCi-backup HaCi
  • ...edit back the changes you had done (typically: add back your CSS layout definition to internal.conf)
  • restart apache (remember mod_perl is cached!)


this section needs to be reorganized. badly! notes exchanged with Lars about autoupdate:

You can disable the automatic (and slow) database upgrade function with "autoUpgradeDatabase = 0" in HaCi.conf.

All database schema changes are listed in "docs/manualDatabaseUpgrades.txt". You can try to apply them manually.

For further information, you can activate debugging (debug = 1 in etc/internal.conf) and gather the "Altering Table ..."-Stuff from the error log.

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