Example of a HaCi Pool Template


The intention of a template is to have the ability to expand the description part of a network. When you add a new network, you only have the possibility to define a description. By selecting a type (Template), you are able to define special items for that network.
For instance, if you want to document networks which belong to PPP-Authentication-Pools you can create a "Pool" Template which contains fields for the router, the Pool-Name, ... or a "Host" Template containing fields (hostname, host type, operating system, height, rack, interface, ...) for IP Addresses which resides on a host; or a "Customer" Template containing fields for contact information for networks which are routed to external.

Create / Edit

Edit the Pool Template

You can create or edit template by clicking on the Template menu button. Choose a template and press edit or create a new one by setting a name and press new'.

Now you can choose a (row) position of your item and add, delete or replace it. After you choose an existing row or create a new item by selecting a type on the next available row, you can adjust some specific options. When pressing one of the tree buttons (add, delete, replace), the template will be automatically saved and the preview at the bottom is refreshing.

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