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HaCi is an IP address management for network operators. Whether you're an enterprise needing to keep track of addresses for your servers and workstation, or an ISP/NSP needing to keep track of your customers' assignments, HaCi's extensive feature set will ease your work.


HaCi will let you:

  • manage several network trees ordered by roots (Add Root);
  • add IPv4 and IPv6 networks (Add Network);
  • link template data to networks (Templates);
  • manage your networks (show subnets, split, copy, move, delete, ...) (Network Functions?);
  • import networks from several sources (Cisco, Juniper, DNS, ASN Routes) (Import);
  • use Plugins for automated data collection and enhanced information for each network (Plugins);
  • access the data from non-GUI systems (scripts) with the HaCi Soap API (API?);
  • restrict read/write access by users, groups and rights with hierarchical structure (Access Management);
  • use your language (localization).

The next chapter will guide you through the inital tasks necessary to start taking advantage of HaCi.

HaCiInstall Install? WikiStart Start Page? HaCiPopulate Populating your database?