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Import ASN Routes

HaCi will let you import all the routes associated with your Autonomous System, as registered on the RIPE whois database.

Screenshot of Import ASN Routes

You can choose if you want to reimport everything or only what's new since last time you did this, and also if you want to remove obsolete entries. The imported address space will be added to a new root named 'ASxxxx' where xxxx is the ASN you entered in the form. The two options "Only New" and "Remove Obsolete" will only work if there is already a root with that name, not if you have renamed it or moved the address blocks to other places. If there are IPv6 addresses associated with your ASN, you will also get an IPv6 root named ASxxxx_IPv6. No image "HaciImportRoutes-resultsbrief.png" attached to HaCiImportRoutes

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