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Import DNS Zone Files

HaCi can import your addresses by looking at dns zone files. It can query your DNS server directly or it can load a zone file if you have it at hand.

zonefile transfer example

Zonefile Transfer

The zonefile transfer queries your DNS server directly. You need to enter the address of your server, and the zone you want to transfer. HaCi can work with both direct and reverse zones; for reverse zones, you need to specify them in format. You can have the addresses attached to a new root, or to an existing one, and you can choose the status for these addresses.

After completion of the zone transfer, a popup will notify you of the results: popup message after completion of zone transfer.

The results are then presented in the tree overview as usual: example of resulting root and addresses inside it after zone transfer.

You can now edit the tree and HaciEditRoot rename the root?, or HaCiEditNetwork move the address blocks? to other existing roots, if you like.

local zone transfer

Local Zonefile

If you have the zone files locally on your computer you can use the local zonefile import function. This one too can work with either direct or reverse zones. If the zone file doesn't contain an $ORIGIN statement inside, you will need to supply one in the Origin field, or you will receive an error. As for the zone transfer case above, you can choose the root or let HaCi create a new one for you, and you can select a status for the addresses.

A popup will let you know how many valid addresses were imported: popup message after completion of local zone parsing.

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