Import Router Configuration Files

Import Configuration File

If you have your router configurations saved in files, or if you have a tool that exports a CSV file with address informations, you use the Import from Config File tool. The "Source" dropdown menu allows you to choose the format. Currently recognized formats are Cisco, Juniper and Brocade (Foundry). The CSV option will open another form that lets you match the columns of your CSV file to the appropriate entries <insert snapshot>. Since a router configuration is most likely to have addresses coming from diverse blocks, this importer will always create a new root. The Cisco importer uses the hostname found in the configuration, the Juniper importer uses the file name instead.

A popup will let you know how many addresses were recognized: popup message after completion of config parsing.

As for the DNS import, if the configuration file has both IPv4 and IPv6 addresses you will get two new roots: newly created roots after config import.

Import csv files

After choosing a file and clicking on "Start" you can choose the delimiter and the meaning of each fields. In basic situations, there are ony tree fields:

  • network
  • status
  • description

If you define a Nettype, you are able to import not only a network with a description but also additional fields depending on the selected Template.

If you start to import such a csv file:,ASSIGNED,customers,ASSIGNED PA,cust A,ASSIGNED PI,cust B,ASSIGNED,cust C

you can define your fields after you adjust the seperator: CVS Preview

As already mentioned, if you define a Nettype, you can import additional fields:,ASSIGNED,customers,r1.domain.tld,ISDN-Backup,Dial-In,Space for ISDN-Backup,ASSIGNED PA,cust A,r2.domain1.tld,ISDN-Backup,Dial-In,Space for ISDN-Backup,ASSIGNED PI,cust B,r2.domain1.tld,ISDN-Backup,Dial-In,Space for ISDN-Backup,ASSIGNED,cust C,r3.domain2.tld,DSL-Backup,PPP,Space for DSL-Backup

CSV Preview with a Nettype selected

After adjusting all columns which you want to import, press the import button and HaCi will import those networks into a new Root or, if you had selected one before, into an existing one.

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