Day to day operations

This chapter will give you a brief introduction to the most common operations that you will need to do in your daily usage of HaCi.

Browsing the tree

Clicking on Overview in the main menu will bring up a tree visualization. At the top of the page, another menu will give you quick access a specific root or even a single address, a quick Close Tree button that collapses all the tree and leaves only the roots visible, and an Edit button. <insert appropriate link to edit functions>.

<insert info and link about graphical tree structure>

A small [+] button at the left of each entry will tell you that you can expand that portion of the tree and see the subnetting in it. Simlarly, a [-] button will allow you to collapse that portion of the tree. You can to display a graphical tree structure or leave it out , which makes tabling the tree a bit faster. Each user can change this setting from his own Settings menu.

Each line in the tree will have the entry on the left (be it a root or a network), and a description on the right. Roots are printed in bold, while networks are color-coded according to their status. The entry is a link itself, and it will bring up the appropriate page when clicked. Network entries also have 2 buttons at the far right, for editing and deleting the entry. A small icon may appear to the right of the network address for certain values of the status. Some networks may have a grayed out CIDR value in enclosed in [ ]. This is the default subnetting value for that network.

While roots for which you have no permission are not shown at all, you will still be able to see that a certain network exists in a root for which you have access, even if you are not allowed access to it. In this example, you have no read permission for the subnet, which appears in white and doesn't let you know any other information about it, not even the description. If you have read permission, but no write permission, you will be able to see all information about the network, and even enter the edit page, but you won't be allowed to save.

<insert snapshot>

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