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Add Network

To add address space to your root, you use the Add Network page. You will need to choose one existing root to put the new addresses into. Enter the prefix and either the netmask or the CIDR, a javascript will fill in the other field for you.

You can also add a description, and you can choose the status for this address space. Most likely it will be "ALLOCATED PA" if this is a netblock that was assigned to you directly by a RIR.

Again, you can set permissions for your user groups.

Description of "Def. subnet CIDR"

Default Subnet CIDR

One feature of HaCi is the illustration of free/available subnets in an existing supernet. The default behavior is to always compute the networks with the greatest netmask possible (i.e. the shortest resulting prefixes). This can be adjusted by defining a default subnet size, in order to restrict the maximum subnetsize. Case example: You have a supernet specific for customer transfer networks. These networks have naturally a size resp. a CIDR '/30'. For a better overview of available free subnets you can specify (at the supernet) a default subnet CIDR of '30', so that only subnets with the maximum size of '/30' will be printed (see picture).



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